Distressed Investing Portfolio

Jabi Motor Park and Market

NFD and its 50% Joint Venture partner successfully acquired the right to develop the Jabi Motor Park and Market, a 9-hectare site in the heart of Abuja, and a 15-year concession to manage the facility upon completion. This is a N6 billion self-funding development over 46 months, and upon completion will have over 1,400 market shops as well as become the motor transportation hub for Abuja.

Ire Clay Products Limited

NFD successfully acquired a majority of 60% ownership in Ire clay products limited.

Ire clay products limited was formerly owned by the Ekiti state government and Odua Investments Company limited and was operating at less than 10% of its capacity before NFD acquired a major stake in it.

With NFD’s turnaround intervention, Ire Clay is projected to do over ₦2.5 Billion in revenue by 2025. NFD’s intervention will make Ire clay productsa major contributor to Ekiti state’s economic growth and development.

20 hotel logo

12-Room Boutique Hotel

Acquired a 15-year lease from a Government Agency for its guest house in Kaduna and redeveloped it into a 12-room boutique hotel which commenced operations March 2018.