We strive to maintain a diversified and well-balanced portfolio in terms of the industries we invest in, and organizations we transact with. We ensure that our portfolio exposure to individual sectors does not exceed limits determined by our governance and risk management framework.

Economic and social impact

We recognize that economic growth ultimately leads to the reduction of poverty and improvement of quality of life in Nigeria and Africa at Large. As long-term investors, we see beyond financial return. Thus, our transactions must pass the test of having the potential to lead to significant and measurable job creation, poverty alleviation, improvement in standards of living, and all-round economic growth and development.

Fundamental Investing

Our investment process incorporates exhaustive research and the analysis of key qualitative factors. Such factors include but are not limited to; business model, competitive advantage, quality of management, and corporate governance.

Long-term perspective

It’s one thing to raise investment capital, and another to ensure investments are economically and socially sustainable in the long term. At New Frontier, we strive to do both!